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Hello! I am an artist and illustrator.

I'm endlessly inspired by forests and nature that my home country Latvia is rich with. Also, I get my inspiration from human emotions and animals - the main themes of my works. 

Before I started a path of a full-time artist I graduated from an academy in Latvia as a graphic designer. For the four years of study, I've got plenty of useful skills and knowledge that I'm using on my path now.

From early childhood, I've been fascinated by mystical stories and movies and this passion affected my art the most. 

Since I'm very empathetic to animal's pain my works are full of compassion and appreciation of life beings and nature, and objection to the cruelty of humanity

I work from home in my little studio aka living room and It feels like the only right way to work for me. Even when I relax, I can behold works that I'm working on to keep a connection with my paintings.

I share majority of my works and work processes on social media, so you're very welcome on my pages:

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