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If you want something created special for you - I’ll gladly help you! You can commission me to paint your own idea, a portrait of your pet, a people portrait, a misty landscape or a watercolor illustration. I will help you to depict your idea, find the best composition, and create the painting that you will love.

The price depends on the complexity and size of the painting, however we always can negotiate the price. Feel free to contact me and ask!
If you’re interested, fill out the query form below or contact me by email:


Before I begin to work on your painting I will ask for 30-50% of the total price to secure your place and to purchase all necessary art materials. Before starting to work on the painting Itself I create sketches and send them to you for approval. In the process of creating the painting I will send you photos of the most interesting stages to make you sure that the work is in progress. An approximate time of creating a painting started from two weeks to two months, depending on the size and complicity.


I work with oils and watercolor.



Thanks for submitting!

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