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How to overcome an art block

Or how to bring back the joy of drawing, and what can I do If I can’t even start? If you ever were dwelling on the possibility of choosing the wrong path, and If thoughts about drawing rather make you feel fear than passion, then this article is for you.

So there are 6 tips that I want to share with you If you feel that you’re lost.

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

It’s not a crime to feel the unwillingness to draw. It’s okay. Especially, If you have to draw a lot to make a living from It. Usually, it's not a problem when you're working on commission for someone else. The problem begins when you want to draw something for yourself. And It ties to fear to not meet your own high expectations. You’re just a victim of your perfectionism and that’s why you feel paralyzed. The thought that you can create something that won't be as perfect as you imagine and expect from yourself terrifies you. And it's exactly where it all stumps you. You prefer to create nothing at all than see the terrifying failure and to fall in your own eyes forever. Being aware of what is happening in your head is a huge first step in the way of bringing back the joy of creating.

2. Take a break

It’s not necessary to make a masterpiece that no one has ever seen before every time you hold a pencil. Just relax and try to remember what you used to love drawing before you start calling yourself an artist. Take an easy task like drawing your favorite actor, pet, or just a beautiful model you found while searching for clothes online. It will give you practice and help to bring the joy of the creating process. And remember: you don’t have to show It to anyone If you don't want to.

3. It’s okay to fail

You already might have noticed that some days are really good for drawing, but the others force you to think that you've completely lost the ability to draw. Forever. No, It’s not forever, It’s okay. And It’s true not only for artists. I can swear to you as a musician and skater. It's really important to take it easy and don't be too dramatic about an imperfect drawing. It may seem as you're losing your skill, but it's not true. Remember, that even the bad drawing is a valuable experience and a contribution to your skill in general. Just relax and start again the next day or whenever you're ready.

4. Find the playlist that inspires you to create

This tip is more powerful than you can imagine. And I don’t speak about music for concentration. It should be music that evokes powerful feelings and energy inside of you. Music for concentration is good when you’re doing monotonous work or relax. But If you need to get into a creative flow the right music will be your best friend and inspiration.

5. Give yourself 10 minutes

When you don’t feel that you’re ready to surprise the world with another masterpiece and you are on your way to put a drawing aside once again - just wait a minute. Give yourself a 10-minute chance. Just 10 minutes, and If you will feel that you’re not into It, just stop. And then start again the next day. There will be a day when you get into a flow and then no one will be powerful enough to stop you. I promise.

6. Use a simple cheap printer paper

The era of beautiful sketchbooks full of detailed Illustrations on every page is a strong trigger of anxiety for me. I feel much more relaxed when I know that I can just throw away the bad drawing, and It won't remind me about Its existence for my whole life. If you’re happy with your sketch you made on simple paper - then you can just transfer It to your sketchbook using a transferring paper or a light-box, and finish your drawing in the sketchbook.

I hope that these tips will help you to bring back the courage to create. Just remember that you’re not alone in your struggles. Keep going my friend, and good luck!

P.S. If you feel drained and tired for a long time, maybe you have an emotional burnout and you need a real break from your work or even professional help.


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